Web Materials

A podcast about design, code, and the state of the web industry – hosted by Espen Brunborg and Vasilis van Gemert. Listen in to hear us fundamentally question how we make things on the web, and hopefully learn something in the process.

  1. Episode 12 –

    Is it really for everyone?

    The web is designed to work for everyone. At least, in theory.

  2. Episode 11 –

    Should coders design?

    We gush over Nils Binder, the unicorn.

  3. Episode 10 –

    Should we test?

    We wonder if, and why, we should test our designs.

  4. Episode 9 –

    Why do we mimic print grids?

    Is there a better, more native way of doing grids on the web?

  5. Episode 8 –

    Can we design the invisible?

    Are there invisible things that need our design attention as well?

  6. Episode 7 –

    Should designers write content?

    In episode 7 we discuss the importance of content and the benefits of writing real words instead of dummy copy.

  7. Episode 6 –

    Are our tools helping us?

    We discuss the role role that visual design tools play in how the web looks.

  8. Episode 5 –

    Should we take the hamburger off the menu?

    In which we discuss a certain infamous culinary interface element.

  9. Episode 4 –

    What about interaction?

    Where we talk about states, tools, screen readers and Nintendo games.

  10. Episode 3 –

    Are there truths in web design?

    In which we waste an hour before coming to an obvious conclusion.

  11. Episode 2 –

    Are we done yet?

    In which your hosts wonder if webdesign is finished. Done.

  12. Episode 1 –

    Hello world

    In which your hosts explain what they think this podcast will be about.